Recently (actually a while ago) , one of my friend passed a broken A780 to have a look, It only has the basic function of receiving the phone call, partial sms function ( only number keypad) . The scary part is every one is turned into exclamation mark and the memory is full error.

I have dug through Google but it seems lots of people having the same problem but the only solution is to bring the phone back to the service station.
Since the EZX phone is NOT market in New Zealand and the phone itself has no warranty. I had a quick look of the file structure with df

Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs                   54468     54468         0 100% /
/dev/root                54468     54468         0 100% /
/dev/roflash2              348       348         0 100% /usr/setup
/dev/mtdblock2            5312      1564      3748  30% /ezxlocal
/dev/mmca1              991488    535728    455760  55% /mmc/mmca1

What happened to /diska and /usr/language?  DiskOnChip is damaged?

Here is solution.

1. The phone has to be modified first to be able to run startup script.
2. Mount diska and usr/language from memory card.

However, the memory card is not mounted at the booting time. Hence we have to manually mount the memory card before mounting.

So here is the script. You will need to extract cg33 into the language directory first.

insmod /lib/modules/mmc_base.o
insmod /lib/modules/ezx_mmc.o
mount -t vfat /dev/mmca1 /mmc/mmca1 -o uid=2000 -o gid=233 -o iocharset=utf8 -o shortname=mixed -o umask=002 -o noatimemount –bind /mmc/mmca1/.system/diska /diska
mount –bind /mmc/mmca1/.system/language /usr/language

Now the A780  is working again ;)


After a long time of inactive,
Here is something I have started working on few days ago,
Due to the Phone has no keypad, so i have wrote something.
Unfortunately, the destination number cannot be read from the database.
Hence for now need to input manually :(

Here is a screenshot.

here are two interesting program/game  which ported from Sharp Zaurus.
didn’t change much of their original code, apart from removing / modifed
the qpe-related stuff to ezx :)

Fish (

QFish (モバイルきんぎょすくい2 /

here is another small app i wrote last night before sleep ^^

Theme Colour Changer for editing the ezx_theme.cfg..


however, qcolordialog does not appeaer to be built-in in the ezx qt library, so i have to grab the source code
from qt-2.3.6-embedded , and of cuz works perfectly ;)
can be download from motorolafans, source code will be avaiable soon on googlepages

nothing much new today, i have did a little fix-up with the interface of powerchord
slightly better than the old one (now has maximize/normal button), removed some unused
objects so now is around 90k for the main application, one thing that is still frustrating me
is the output of the chord is one fret lower than expected..

Tonleiter QT port
Here is another port in progess, Tonleiter from OPIE, also a useful tools for musician
It has no writing on the picture at this stage since I used QApplication instead of ZApplication..
Not too sure how to use QFont in QApplication at the moment.. will figure out later..

I just realised there is such a applicaiton for opie,
powerchord, as a musician myself, i find it useful, hence i had a quick look today
and did a quick dirty port to ezx, did the job nicely, (apart from tuner , i have taken it off…)

more details can be found in the motorolafans post forum

haven’t done much these days, was looking at one of the zaurus account managing application
and found out it uses qtable for the tables, since the original ezx phoneassist has no GUI at all
so i spent few hour coded this small program to manage the blacklist :)

not the greatest interface , but does the job nicely :)
currently only support blacklist (white list you still have to edit manually)
you can download from motorolafans forum