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finally, got my sdl lib recompiled until fedore core 4… more sdl games are coming :)

Blockrage (a coloum clone)   Thanks to people in motorolafans and ccmove of reporting the errors in the block rage ezx port.. the known problems of 1. once your score is high enough to get into the chart, the game stopps since there is no keyboard to enter 2. focusing problem that when there is […]

Finally, after few modification today about incoming calls also wrote a simple frontend at the beginning to modify the ./supertux/config so can play it during for example lecturers :P Thanks a lot for scachi for his gp2x Port, also alebm who helps me with a compiled version of libSDL_mixer with built-in libmikmod since my didn’t […]

Woke up around 1pm today :P and had a breif chat with alebm and was trying to compile SDL_ttf library for the phone,  he suggests me to read the source code to find out where its being used and maybe comment it out since sometimes its not used .. so i tried reconfigure with command […]