During the upgrade from WPMU 1.51 to 2.6. I have noticed that during the blog sign up, after the user enters domain name and clicks “Signup” button, wordpress will redirect to the very first step of sign up and makes the user unable to register for a new blog.

After digging through the code and I have found out that in WordPress MU 2.6, the domain name input has changed from blog_id to blogname
Which makes the plugin goes to check if the recaptcha is empty. You can change line 201 to

if (isset($_POST['blog_id']) || isset($_POST['blogname']) ) {
return $result;

I have also modified the code in the verification area since there is no table in WordPress MU 2.6 registration form.

You can download from here


One Response to “WP-reCAPTCHA for WPMU 2.6”

  1. 1 blaenkdenum

    Thanks, I just saw this. I will try to merge it with the source so it should be out for version 2.9.2. You will receive proper credit of course.

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