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I have managed to build qemu successfully today. And have Openmoko running in my on laptop ;) Its much smoother compare to how I felt on Motorola A780 This is the main screen I have installed a test gtk application Hello Moko Which just a Gtk button on top of Gtk window. I think I […]

Hello Moko?


Recently I have started to have a deeper look about Openmoko, and I have tried to build the toolchain. I was using Opensuse 10.3 and followed the instruction from the wiki, also built libmoko2ui-dev from the openmoko trunk and everything went okay until make. I got the libtool error message of /space/fic/openmoko-daily/neo1973 ….. /libpango/ not […]

I was cleaning up and tidying my harddrive today and it seems I have lost all my source codes I did for EZX last year, I must have forgotten to backup while I was reformatting my harddrive last year :(