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Powerchord nothing much new today, i have did a little fix-up with the interface of powerchord slightly better than the old one (now has maximize/normal button), removed some unused objects so now is around 90k for the main application, one thing that is still frustrating me is the output of the chord is one fret […]

I just realised there is such a applicaiton for opie, powerchord, as a musician myself, i find it useful, hence i had a quick look today and did a quick dirty port to ezx, did the job nicely, (apart from tuner , i have taken it off…) more details can be found in the motorolafans […]

haven’t done much these days, was looking at one of the zaurus account managing application and found out it uses qtable for the tables, since the original ezx phoneassist has no GUI at all so i spent few hour coded this small program to┬ámanage the blacklist :) not the greatest interface , but does the […]