Supertux 0.13 for EZX mobile ..


Finally, after few modification today about incoming calls
also wrote a simple frontend at the beginning to modify the ./supertux/config
so can play it during for example lecturers :P

Thanks a lot for scachi for his gp2x Port, also alebm who helps me with a compiled version of
libSDL_mixer with built-in libmikmod since my didn’t work peroply :)

here are some screenshots

you can download from here
note the control are predefined for motorola E680I


2 Responses to “Supertux 0.13 for EZX mobile ..”

  1. 1 nomadsoul

    the download link points to…hummm…the screenshot?
    also, can you please tell me how to develop SDL applications to EZX?
    I got the SDK almost working (my A1200i doesnt have the libezxnotification), but if Im only going to develop SDL, I might not need the whole thing. Can you please tell me what do I need?

  2. Sorry for the links, the post was from 2006 and no one noticed not even myself.
    I don’t own a A1200 but should be similar to E680I/A780. You need to have the compiled SDL library and the header files, or you can compile the library yourself but I think it needs to be patched. I believe there are some threads on how you can do it on motorolafans.

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